Monday, September 10, 2012

Presentation is Everything...

If you love something, it will show.  When we put ourselves into what we are doing, it will be reflected in our "work". 
My son, Gavin, was determined to make THE chicken pot pie of his dreams all by himself.  He did it with fork marks embellishing the crust.  Fabulous!
I put everything into my art when I am creating it.  I can't help but put my feelings into my paintings.  I'm feeling a little stronger and braver lately.  Does it show?   
The Evolving Tiger
The dog wanting to be part of the presentation.


Jill Marie said...

Awesome adorable son, fabulous painting,incredible dog and amazing you...does it get any better than that!

Jennifer McGee said...

So kind, Jill! Maybe my next post will be on gratitude.

Dina criniti said...

Wow!!! I am so impressed. You are so talented. But we already knew that:) amazing, I'm speechless.