Saturday, June 22, 2013

Praying or Talking to the Voices in My Head

     For me, there is a fine line between prayer and talking to yourself.  I probably do a fair amount of both.  There really doesn't seem to be a reason to determine which is which?  They each have benefits since one can lead to the other.  Talk to yourself long enough and you may realize you could pray for some guidance.  Likewise, throw out some wild prayers and you may find yourself giving the answer as you ramble on. 
     Painting can be another form of prayer.  I've walked away from my art world for a little while.  I was just exploring my options again.  Luckily, I've been praying for clarity and discussing my feelings with the voices in my head.  The universe has put some road blocks down a few of the paths.  Go figure, one of them is teaching.  That's always been a tricky path for me.  I'm not surprised that I don't feel like skipping down that one.  So, signs have been pushing me back to my art.  It's funny how my friends and family have encouraged me to stick with the art and not teaching as much.  As a career, neither one is about the money, but one is a lot more secure than the other.  (One of the reasons I felt I had to give teaching another chance.) 
     I'm still asking for guidance on my life path.  Now I can go back to painting as another way to find some answers to my questions.  It helps give focus to your prayers.   I've always been a visual thinker.  Maybe I'll see something new in my paintings this time around.