Friday, September 21, 2012

It's in the Eye of the Beholder (or something like that)

Seeing the reaction of others and hearing their comments when they viewed my art last night was pretty awesome.  I wasn't sure what to expect having so many people, several that I've never met, see my person!  I could pull a Sally Field and say, "You like my art!  You really like my art!"  But it's much more than that. 
It's similar to life, you find what you seek.  Look for trouble, ta-da, trouble is found.  What jumps out at you when looking at art, can be a reflection of you in some way.  I'm not saying to over analyze it.  If you see a tiger, does it mean you're a tiger?  Uh, no.  But what do you notice about the tiger?  Is it calm and worry free like something you're seeking for yourself?  I enjoyed hearing someone refer to the bullfrog as Buddha.  And another woman described the peacock as wise and hinted that the bird was not young, but still had all her color and was full of life.  Anyone within ear shot could have told you that that woman was looking in the mirror. 
As the creator of the art, I know my story behind the images.  I love that people can look at it and see their own tale.  I receive lots of guidance from my work.  I'm thrilled that others enjoy watching my journey through my paintings.

But an animal is missing...
...the kiwi is all ready to go to his new home.
Everyone's Home


~hali said...

omg. i LOVE the kiwi. this is great, Jennifer!

Little Drum Dreams said...

I love your paintings Jennifer!

Beth Fanning said...

It was so nice meeting you last week- love your work!