Thursday, July 04, 2013

Cut the Can

     I'm not sure if making jewelry is a distraction from my painting, but I know I like giving it as gifts.  This pair of earrings is for my mother, Carolyn Patterson.  She deserves a little something special. 
     I appreciate art made from found or recycled objects.  I've only dabbled with the idea before.  This project gave me a reason to drive around the neighborhood with my children scouting for cans.  They were rather quick to spot them and anxious to jump from the car to snatch them.  It's rather humorous seeing your son grab a half full beer can, empty it and bring it to the car proudly exclaiming, "Look at this one!"  (And who in the world drinks beer with tomato and clam juice in it?!  Ugh!)  If you're wondering, the children and cans were thoroughly cleaned soon after that.  I'll be making more since I was pleased with this pair.  I need to use up all the cans we got!  Then I can post some on my store for sale to justify my funny projects.

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