Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Late Night Painting

It started as a meditative mandala.  I had the intention to incorporate a lot of images similar to an Indian or a Native American style.  I drew some concentric circles, painted a base of pink (influenced by the recent pink full moon) and surrounded it by blues and purples.  Soon I was traveling far out in the universe.  Yes, when my mind wanders, I travel far, far away.  Painting late at night can lead to some fun experimental painting techniques, so I grabbed some colored sand and began sprinkling.  Most of this image, especially the original with the bright colors, is the sand that you see.  I did spray it with a clear varnish to help hold the sand on once the paint dried.  Once I had the image on the computer, I was able to play with digital editing.  I'm not always a computer's best friend, but I just love what it can do with an image.  There usually isn't any point to starting with a plan when I paint since it usually goes in a totally different direction. (Ok, that applies to the majority of my life.  I know.)
If you would like to leave some feedback, I would be interested to know which image is your favorite.  It's difficult to predict what people will be drawn towards.  I have my favorite, but I don't want to influence anyone.






fearless_fallen_angel said...

how beautiful. actually, they all appeal to me, but to different aspects of passion, to serenity, to shadow, etc. How lovely.

Jennifer McGee said...

That sounds about right. I just love the first one, but the others each have their own quality I like to look at too.