Monday, August 27, 2012

Gotta' Paint!

I wish I had started taking pictures of this process sooner.  I was just amazed by what the children were creating...together.  I have jumped into a process of creating called intuitive painting with great joy.  (More on that later.)  It looks like the boys have been watching me quite a bit.  I had a paper up on the wall ready to go, music playing and they stepped right in and took over. 
 I just stepped aside and watched.  Only the yellow circles were on the paper when they began.  They didn't question what or how they were painting.  They allowed the colors to fall on the paper as they felt directed.   It was like a dance between the three of them, the image and the two painters. 

 That owl was just waiting to appear. This process is so freeing. I am so thankful my children felt compelled to jump in too!

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